The solution

A professional proofreading service such as Proofreading Preston can offer a solution to your problems. We will read your document for you, noting errors and suggesting corrections.

As well as checking your spelling, punctuation and grammar, we will also make sure that your writing style is consistent, and highlight any clich├ęs or any repetitive or unnecessary phrases. This will make your words easy to read, and your message easy to understand.

Other companies may offer additional services to these, so it is important that we state what Proofreading Preston is not. We are not essay writers, editors, typesetters, designers or indexers. We won’t write your essay for you, check your facts, advise you on structure and layout, or compile an index for you. If you need these services then you will have to look elsewhere.

Proofreading Preston only offers the services that we can provide with confidence in our ability to deliver. And that is why our prices are lower than many other similar organisations.